Lenze g500 AC Bevel Geared Motor G50AB045NHAR2C1A / SDSGAXX056-22 0.24kW

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Lenze g500 AC Bevel Geared Motor G50AB045NHAR2C1A / SDSGAXX056-22 0.24kW

 Lenze g500 AC Kegelradgetriebemotor G50AB045NHAR2C1A / SDSGAXX056-22 0.24kW


Gearbox                          G500-B045
Motor type                       SDSGAXX056-22
Mounting on gearbox (flange)     Direct mounting (integr. mot.)
Rated power                      0,24 kW
Output speed                     51,8 r/min
Output torque                    41,5 Nm
Load capacity                    1,07
Rated voltage                    400 V AC
Rated frequency                  100 Hz
Ratio                            53,889
Mounting position                A-F
Surface/corrosion protection     OKS-S (Small; C1)
Colour                           Not coated
Gearbox code                     G50AB045NHAR2C1A
Output shaft                     H - hollow shaft 20 mm
Gearbox design                   A - with foot, with centring
Flange on output side            R - without flange
Lenze drive size                 1A
Lubricant type                   CLP 460
Lubricant charge                 maximum oil charge
Kind of motor                    AC asynchronous motor
Connection                       Star
Rated current                    0,86 A
Power factor                     0,71
Rated torque                     0,81 Nm
Rated speed                      2.790 r/min
Temperature class                F
Enclosure                        IP54
Approval                         URCCC
Connection                       In position 5
Electr. connection               Plug
Cooling                          Naturally ventilated
Motor protection                 TCO (Thermal contact, NC)

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